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Pintxo Tasting Tour (Lunch)

Price: 95€

Duration: 2.5 hours

Includes: Up to 5 pintxo bars, all food & wine, local culinary bilingual guide.

Start time: 12:30 End time: 15:00

Max.: 10 people

Meeting point: Mimo San Sebastian Cooking School, Okendo 1, 20004 Donostia-San Sebastián.

*Not recommended for vegans.

"Discover the best pintxos Basque tapas bars in town on a dinner crawl with San Sebastian Food, our idea of heaven.” -ELLE magazine



** One of our most popular experiences, ranked in the Top 10 Food Tours in the world by Trip Advisor **

Note, this tour is at lunchtime- if you would prefer dinner, click here for evening tour

Pintxos (Basque tapas) line every bar in San Sebastian’s famed Old Town, but knowing where to find the best ones is an art. While it’s hard to have a bad meal in town, knowing exactly where to go for the best, freshest, and most exciting pintxos takes local, insider knowledge. Do a pintxo hop in San Sebastian like a local, led by our friendly and knowledgeable Basque guides.

We dive straight into the culinary heart of the city for an eating and drinking experience unlike any you’ve ever experienced. From fresh prawns to line-caught baby squid to perfectly charred steak, the pintxo tasting tour changes every day but always features a range of traditional spots and chic, avant-garde bars. Come thirsty, too, as we’ll be pairing each pintxo with the perfect pour, from cider to local whites and reds.

Our pintxo tasting tour comes highly recommended by the world’s authorities on travel: Conde Nast Traveller, Easy Jet, Vogue, Financial Times and many others. Stylist Magazine says "There’s no better overview of the city’s food scene".

"I had hoped to do one of the cooking classes through SSF but unfortunately I was not in San Sebastian during the right days to match up with the class I had wanted to take (Pastry making). However, I decided to try the Sherry tasting as I am not too familiar with Sherry and thought it would be a good opportunity. The price was very reasonable, and the experience was priceless. Andrew is very knowledgeable and has handouts with information on the Sherry for you to take away as a reference later. I was given the privilege of having my tasting with Nicole and Nagore and it was so much fun. I learned not only about Sherry, but about San Sebastian and the area. At the end of the tasting Andrew was kind enough to offer me suggestions on places that I was going to be continuing on to in Spain. After my visit I received a very nice email from Andrew following up on my experience at the tasting and offering to answer any questions I may have in the future. I spent quite a bit of time in the shop they have as well, and tasted many delicious things. However, due to the limited space in my luggage had to settle for only purchasing some flavored olive oil, but it is such a treat to have back at home in Canada. When I return to San Sebastian this will be top of my list to go back to. Thank you SSF for making my experience at San Sebastian so unique and welcoming."

KelseyAnne12 (2016-01-29) , Canada

"We so enjoyed our cooking class at San Sebastian Food. Everything was excellent... from Chef Cristina's recipes to the translators and the food! It was really authentic and took us out of our cooking comfort zone to try something new! We took the Basque Master Class, and learned a lot about the Basque region, culture, and food from the class! The market tour was also a great for us as we stayed at a rented home for two weeks and cooked at the house. It was great to know where to get the good meat and seafood and the times that the markets were open! I would highly recommend this experience for anyone travelling to San Sebastian and it is an experience I will repeat!"

Emily T (2016-01-29)

"My boyfriend and I signed up for a pintxo hopping experience with San Sebastian Food, and boy were we so grateful we did it! We were greeted by Agus, who was warm and had so much energy and love for his job. We love how the hopping experience really showed us the hidden goodies that were most unexpected. Agus also shared with us lots of insights to the culture and he taught us some Basque language which we were excited to try out at different bars. Apart from the pintxos, he also pointed out to us other shops that were worth a go. There was a small eatery that sold mind-blowing churros, and we would have never known about it is Agus did not tell us. It is the BEST churros I had ever tasted. The food was amazing to say the least, it was well planned and we had such a blast during the 3-hour tour that we vowed to return again to have another tour! It is costly, but the experience and the little hidden secrets we learnt along the way goes beyond the price."

Pearlynchiam (2016-01-29) , Singapore

"We highly recommend this tour. It is hands down the best way to experience Pintxos! Our amazing tour guide, Lourdes, was a wonder - she was born in San Sebatian and was familiar with many of the locals. As a result, our tour had a warm, familial, insiders feel to it. In addition, Lourdes shared personal and historical insights into Basque culture, food, customs, the invaders that shaped the town, the significant buildings, and so much more! Again, I can't stress enough how amazing this tour was - DO IT!!!!"

trowfamily (2016-01-29)

"My recent visit to San Sebastian was phenomenal, and the Pintxo Tour was one of the absolute highlights. I've been to Spain several times, but have always found the tapas bars (of Barcelona and Madrid) to be a bit intimidating...and the Pintxo bars of Basque Country were no different. What do you order? When do you pay? How will I communicate? These were all the questions I had going in...but which were answered by Arantxa on the SSF Pintxo Tour. She was a delight - very, very friendly. She made our tour group feel like we were one big family. And the tour was absolutely wired - we hit a wonderful mix of places, sampled a variety of Pintxos and wines that ran the gamut from classical to modern, and learned a bit more about the city and its history/traditions along the way. While I wouldn't say I quite feel like a Basque native just yet :-), Arantxa made me a lot more comfortable with what had previously been a mysterious area of the foodie realm. We had a tremendous mix of folks on the tour from 20-something couples to an older lady in a wheelchair, and all seemed to have a great time. I'd say it works for anyone > 12 years old. The amount of walking is very manageable. THANKS ARANTXA for a fabulous time!"

SugarLander (2016-01-29)

This is an amazing experience. Lourdes truly loves her city and hunting for the perfect, fresh pintxos. Our group was wonderful which added to the excitement. You are not going into Tourist traps. The types of food- you would never know existed- were introduced to us. We went to traditional places and modern places- types of selections on Top Chef. I would highly recommend this tour and partaking in a cooking class with Lourdes.

jactravels1013 via TripAdvisor (2015-12-27)

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What is the minimum age for this experience?

There is no minimum age for the Pintxo Tasting Tour (LUNCH).

How many bars will we go to?

The lunchtime Pintxo Tasting Tour includes five (5) bars.

How big are the groups?

We like to keep our groups small. Generally, our pintxo tours  have a maximum of 10 guests per experience.

What’s included in the price?

All food and drinks, and VAT are included in the price of our experiences. There is not anything extra you ever need to pay for.

The experiences also include your expert San Sebastian Food bilingual guide/translator. More details of what is included in each tour are provided under each product on the website.

Do your guides speak clearly in English?

Yes, all guides speak fluent English with years of experience living in English speaking countries. Some guides are native English speakers and all have very high levels of proficiency, speaking many languages.

Where is the meeting point for your experiences?

 Mimo San Sebastián Cooking School, Calle Okendo 1, San Sebastián, 20004.  The entrance is located at the rear of the Hotel Maria Cristina. A useful map can be found here

When does the experience start and do I need to arrive early?

All start time information is displayed on our website under each experience. We strongly recommend guests arrive at our studio between 5 and 10 minutes before any experience starts. This is especially important for the La Rioja Day Tour so that we arrive at the first winery on time.

Do you offer private tours?

Yes, we offer private tours. Contact us or see specific information on the website for further details.

Are experiences available in other languages?

All tours are run in English but private tours can be arranged in other languages.

I’m a vegetarian – is this going to be a problem?

No problem. We will ensure that while on your experience, you will have the best vegetarian alternatives. However, you must let us know at the time of booking so we can organise this for you.

I am allergic to certain foods – is this going to be a problem?

No problem. If you have any dietary requirements please let us know. We will ensure you will have the best alternatives.

I don’t drink alcohol, is there a discount?

If you do not drink alcohol, we cannot offer a discount but will make sure you have the best alternatives available with a wide range of excellent soft drinks and juices available.

What happens if the experience I booked does not reach the minimum number of guests required?

We require a minimum of 2 people for this experience.  If we do not reach the minimum, we will contact you before the experience date to inform you that it may be cancelled, and will contact you again to confirm if we are finally running the experience. If not, we will provide you some other alternatives or the full refund of the amount paid.

What if the experience I would like to do is not available on a certain date?

Email or call us and we will do our best to open a new date in the calendar.

Are your experiences suitable for children?

In the Basque Country, children are very much a part of the dining scene and we welcome children on most of our experiences. However, as there are exceptions, you may want to contact our booking department to check the suitability for the chosen experience.

Do you offer a child discount?

Yes, we offer the following discounts for children accompanied by parents:

    0-3 – free
    4-8 years old - 35% discount
    9-11 years old - 20% discount

There is no minimum age for the Pintxo Tasting Tour (LUNCH).

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